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 International program 

School of Power and Energy has four distinctive departments and one institute, offers an impressive array of programs and options. We encourage our students to learn and grow through relevant coursework, cutting-edge research and internship opportunities and to engage in academic discovery.

Department of Aerospace Propulsion

The department focuses on teaching and research of the overall performance of aircraft engine and structural strength design, engine system design, scramjet design, pulse detonation engine design.

Department of Aeronautical Fluid Machinery

The department mainly focuses on the teaching and research of turbomachinery,civil high-performance fluid machinery, new type of aero engine, and new type intake and exhaust systems for aero engine.

Department of Engineering Thermophysics

The department focuses on thermo power engineering, pulse detonation engine and combustion.

Department of Power Control and Test

Over 60 years, the department has inherited the fine tradition ofsolid foundation, earnest work, plain attitude, and innovative spiritof NPU and keeps its own features on power control.


Institute of Monitoring and Control for Rotating Machinery and Wind Turbines NPU&TU Berlin

The institute is a joint research program established in 1997 based on long time cooperation between Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) and Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin), which mainly focuses on teaching and scientific research of rotor dynamics, monitoring and fault diagnosis for rotating machinery and wind power technology. Our team is fully experienced and committed to high level research and has achieved fruitful results over years of efforts.


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