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The School of Power and Energy at Northwestern Polytechnical University is a "three aviation" characteristic college engaged in high-level scientific research and high-level talent cultivation in the field of aviation engines and new energy. It has a development history of over 80 years so far.

The college currently has 140 faculty members, including 32 professors, 68 associate professors, 7 lecturers, 7 engineering and technology series teachers, 4 full-time scientific research series teachers, and 47 doctoral supervisors. 1 consultant professor, 1 double employed academician, 8 national level talent project candidates (including young talents), 6 national level experts, and 24 provincial and ministerial level talent candidates.

The college has two first level disciplines of "Aerospace Science and Technology" (A+discipline) and "Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics" (key discipline of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), including six second level disciplines of "Aerospace Propulsion Theory and Engineering" and "Engineering Thermophysics", "thermal engineering", "Fluid Machinery and Engineering", "Power Machinery and Engineering", and "Wind and Solar Energy Systems and Engineering"; There are 2 postdoctoral mobile stations; Two undergraduate majors: "Aircraft Power Engineering" and "Energy and Power Engineering".

The college has abundant teaching resources, with the Aircraft Power Engineering major and the Energy and Power Engineering major approved as national first-class undergraduate major construction sites and Shaanxi Province famous brand majors respectively. Established national first-class undergraduate courses: "Combustion" (online and offline hybrid first-class courses) and "Aviation Engine Combustion" (online first-class courses); National level high-quality resource sharing course: "Aeroengine Combustion"; Shaanxi Province's high-quality resource sharing courses: "Aviation Engine Combustion" and "Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics"; Shaanxi Province First Class Undergraduate Course: "Aviation Engine Fault Diagnosis"; University level first-class undergraduate courses: "Structural Analysis of Aeroengines", "Principles of Turbomachinery", "Fundamentals of fluid mechanics", "Engineering Thermodynamics", "Structural Dynamics of Aeroengines" and "Heat Transfer"; Shaanxi Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Project: "Combustion chamber ignition and flame stability experiment", "de Laval nozzle pressure measurement and schlieren observation experiment", "supersonic nozzle pressure measurement and schlieren observation experiment" and "transonic compressor stall/surge virtual experiment". The "Research based Teaching Innovation Team for the Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics" is a research based teaching innovation team of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; The "Aviation Power Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center" is the experimental teaching demonstration center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Shaanxi Province; The "Aviation Power System Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center" is a virtual simulation teaching experimental center in Shaanxi Province.

The college currently has 1482 students (including 872 undergraduate students, 404 master's students, and 206 doctoral students). I have trained the first PhD in aviation engine in China. So far, we have trained over 320 doctoral and 2900 master's students and other high-quality innovative talents for the country. Some of the outstanding individuals have grown into party and government leaders at all levels, as well as well-known experts and technical backbones in famous universities, research institutes, enterprises and institutions, and the military. In terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, since the 13th Five Year Plan period, college students have won over 50 awards in international undergraduate mathematical modeling and other international discipline competitions, as well as over 140 national innovation and entrepreneurship and discipline competitions such as the "Challenge Cup" National Extracurricular Academic and Technological Works Competition for College Students, the first prize in the National Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Social Practice and Science and Technology Competition for College Students, and the first prize in the National Marine Vehicle Design and Production Competition.

The college has one State Key Laboratory of "airfoil and cascade aerodynamics" (cascade part), a key discipline laboratory of "new concept jet propulsion technology", a key laboratory of Shaanxi Province of "aeroengine internal flow dynamics" and "aviation power system thermal science", a Shaanxi engineering center of "aerospace engine vibration" There are 5 provincial and ministerial level key laboratories (engineering centers) such as the "Four Entities and One Joint" School Enterprise Joint Research Center of "Aerospace Power Industrial Software" in Shaanxi Province, as well as 6 provincial and ministerial level or industry innovation teams such as the "National Key Project Vibration Control Support Team" and the "New Concept Jet Propulsion Technology" National Defense Science and Technology Commission Innovation Team. Since the 13th Five Year Plan period, the college has undertaken 27 national major scientific research projects with an annual per capita research funding of nearly 2 million yuan. It has published over 60 SCI papers and authorized over 80 invention patents annually. It has received a total of 13 national and provincial scientific research awards and published over 20 high-level monographs and textbooks.

The college has national and provincial level international cooperation bases such as the "National Ministry of Science and Technology Talent Introduction Demonstration Base for Wind Power Generation Technology", "International Science and Technology Cooperation Base for Aircraft Complex Efficiency Analysis", "National Innovation Talent Introduction Base for Aircraft Complex Flow and Control Discipline", and "Shaanxi Province Innovation Capability Support Plan Advanced Aero Engine Aerodynamics and Thermal Structure Technology Innovation Talent Introduction Base".

It has established close scientific research cooperation relations with more than 30 universities in the world, such as Germany's Berlin University of Technology, Russia's Kazan National University of Technology, the University of Cambridge in the UK, Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, as well as world-famous aeroengine research institutes, such as the UK's Luo Luo Company and the Russian Aeroengine Academia Sinica. We have jointly established research institutions such as the "Sino German Institute for Measurement and Control of Rotating Machinery and Wind Energy Devices", the "Sino Russian International Joint Laboratory for Advanced Aeroengine Thermal Structure", the "Sino British Heat Transfer and Aerodynamics Laboratory", the "Sino Russian Joint Airworthiness Research Center", and the "Sino German Wind Power Technology Research Center". Every year, both sides send international students and visiting scholars to each other for talent cultivation and academic exchange. Two foreign professors who have been cooperating with the college for a long time have won the "National Friendship Award". The Sino German Institute of Rotating Machinery and Wind Energy Device Measurement and Control is a demonstration unit of foreign intelligence introduced by the National Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs and Shaanxi Province.

The college has established the Russia Ukraine Exchange Center, and the school has jointly established the Russian Language Center and the International Joint Laboratory for Aeroengine Thermal Structure with Kazan National Technical University. Approved as an international cooperative training project by the National Scholarship Council, it provides an important guarantee for joint talent cultivation and academic exchange.

The college will adhere to the motto of "honesty, courage, and perseverance", promote the school spirit of "three realities and one new", and aim to "cultivate leading talents with strong patriotism, solid professional foundation, outstanding comprehensive qualities, active innovative thinking, good communication and collaboration, international perspective, and global competence".



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