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Major Introduction

Flight Vehicle Propulsion Engineering

The aircraft power engineering major of Northwestern Polytechnical University has become one of the most "Three Navigations" featured majors of Northwestern Polytechnical University after more than 60 years of development, focusing on aircraft power, relying on the disciplines of aerospace propulsion theory and engineering, power engineering and engineering thermophysics, control theory and control engineering, and extending the disciplines of power, energy, machinery and control. This specialty has two State Key Laboratory, two provincial and ministerial key laboratories and engineering centers, and is a "famous brand specialty" of Shaanxi Province, a "key construction specialty" of the National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Commission, and a "characteristic specialty" of the Ministry of Education. This major covers multiple research directions such as aviation engine design, combustion and flow, impeller machinery, engine structure and strength, and engine control. It has participated in and supported scientific research in multiple aviation vehicle power devices and aerospace vehicle power systems in China, and has formed a disciplinary team with high teaching and research levels, reasonable talent structure, and complete experimental conditions. This major is driven by the development of the national economy and the needs of national defense construction, fully leveraging the outstanding advantages of national defense characteristics. Teaching and scientific research are closely combined, cultivating students with a solid foundation, strong practical ability, high comprehensive quality, and strong innovation awareness, which has received unanimous praise from employers. Graduates' employment directions are mainly distributed in aerospace research institutes, universities, large enterprises, and military units, engaged in research, development, and management of engine design, manufacturing, testing, control, and testing; You can also choose to apply for master's degree programs in this major and related disciplines, with an average admission rate of over 60% in recent years.

Energy and Power Engineering

This major cultivates senior engineering and technical talents engaged in scientific research, technological development, engineering design, and management related to propulsion system combustion and heat transfer, civil power and energy, low-temperature refrigeration, and air conditioning in aviation, aerospace, navigation, and other fields. After graduation, students can choose to engage in scientific research, production, maintenance, and technical management in related fields in research institutes, large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions in aviation, aerospace, navigation, and national defense systems. They can also engage in scientific research, management, and other work in production and design units such as power and petroleum.

Cultivate advanced engineering and technical talents in the field of thermal power engineering with comprehensive moral, intellectual, and physical development, solid theoretical foundation, strong engineering practical ability, and broad professional knowledge to meet the needs of socialist construction. Graduates mainly work in factories, universities, and research institutes for research, design, technology development, and technology management.


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