School of Power and Energy


· School of Power and Energy Conducts Spring Safety Inspection and Civilized Dormitory Evaluation for Student Apartments 2023-03-01 
· The 2022 Youth League Branch Secretary's Work Report Meeting of the School of Power and Energy was Successfully Held 2022-12-06 
· Our School organized students to watch the May Fourth flag raising ceremony 2022-05-06 
· Warm New Year, our school is taking action 2021-01-04 
· Blooming Youth and Running | The 2020 Campus Marathon of our students 2020-12-11 
· Short Course on Turbomachinery Aeroelasticity 2019-07-22 
· Academic Lecture by Prof. Carlos Martel at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid 2019-04-05 
· First Sino-US Summer Camp successfully held in the Northwestern Polytechnical Univeristy 2018-07-10 
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